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‘Giving Up’

I’m ever so sorry for not posting on Friday. I’m actually really irritated at myself for messing up my schedule; however, I didn’t want to mess it up even more by posting yesterday, so if you were wondering, that’s why it’s been 4 days. I’ve missed you all!

Ok, let’s get back to business then. This post is going to be about my consistent mindset of giving up, and how I try to tackle that mentality.

The main avenues I tend to give up in are my friendships and my studies.

Because ‘friends’ is such a hard concept for me to work around and understand, I guess it’s unsurprising that I give up easily. By ‘give up’, I mean that I stop trying to think of things to say, don’t go out if I’m invited, and just generally am a bad friend. I’m happy to report that currently I am not feeling those feelings, and part of the reason I didn’t post on Friday (I’m not trying to give excuses hehe)was that I went out for the first time in months, with friends at least.

My ‘give up’ attitude relating to schoolwork is slightly different. You see, for the past however many years of school, I was always looked at by my peers as a top top grade student, and I guess I was in a way. I don’t mean that with any cockiness – to be honest, I don’t think it really meant anything, and I still don’t. The difference now however, is that I am no longer a top achieving student. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a bad student, I still do pretty well – I’m currently working at an ABB in my A-Levels, which for my largely US-based audience, is I think between 3.5 and 4 (if anyone knows it more accurately, correct me). The things is, I still feel this expectation from my classmates to get an A* in every exam I do. Maybe I’m reverting to my paranoia, and in actual fact, no one cares. Which would be a relief to hear. Anyway, this pressure often makes me study less, because I know I’m not prepared to put in enough work to get the very best grades, so I don’t work very hard at all – currently, I only study between 10-13 hours a week outside of school.

Hopefully that mentality will change soon. Maybe after Christmas, it will hit me that I only have around 4-5 months until I take 8 exams that alter my life course. Until then, I’m in limbo.

I noticed that no one mentioned wanting to hear about my life story etc after my inquisition in my last post. I’m curious if that’s because you don’t think it’s a good fit my blog, or you just didn’t see that particular post? Please give me a heads up, and maybe I can sort out that post for you.

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Published by Harry

The shy, anxious guy in the corner

12 thoughts on “‘Giving Up’

  1. These are only small worries, Harry.
    Things will work out for you eventually, if school is working ok, then you have nothing to worry.
    As long for friends, they will choose you on the way, don’t think too much about it!

    Have a nice day!

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  2. I am always interested in life stories! But you’ll have to decide if it is a fit for your blog and if you want to write about it.
    As for expectations from others, in my experience people are mostly concerned for themselves. I don’t mean that in a bad way, it is just my take on it.
    Don’t feel bad for not posting, life is life and you post on your blog when it fits for you.

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  3. Your life story is the one you tell yourself and its only in your head! As for giving up consider giving up being so hard on yourself. You don’t have to become Superman you just have to be yourself.

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