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Other People’s Sadness

This is a bit of a weird one… So, a few days weeks ago, one of my classmates was having a shitty day stressing about A-Levels and University applications. Not abnormal. Year 13 is a stress fest. Anyway, she was having a bit of a breakdown, and I suddenly started feeling the sadness she wasContinue reading “Other People’s Sadness”

Nothing Really Matters

I’m so lost It’s as if everything in my life isn’t really happening to me. I’m watching this person’s life unfolding from a disconnected, separated place. When my brain takes me to thoughts of sadness, they’re not my thoughts. When my brain takes me to thoughts of harm, they’re not my thoughts. When my brainContinue reading “Nothing Really Matters”


I really don’t like using the word ‘depressed’, and I tense up inside when others use it to describe things that really aren’t depressing. “That cartoon where the chicken died was so DEPRESSING!” No. That cartoon was sad. There’s a difference. I also don’t like using it to describe myself. The definition of depression isContinue reading “Depression?”

Late Night Thoughts

My mind sometimes really hates me. The time when I notice it most is when I’m lying in bed, waiting to fall asleep. I’ll be lying there, staring up into the almost blackness, and my thoughts run wild. Sometimes, if I’m going through a rough patch, sadness and hurt will be the main thoughts swirlingContinue reading “Late Night Thoughts”

Paranoia, and the art of caring too much

I’m not sure if paranoia is a side effect of social anxiety, or it’s just another thing I deal with on a regular basis. The crushing paranoia that this person hates me, that that person talked about me behind my back, that every time I walk past a group of friends laughing, it’s directed atContinue reading “Paranoia, and the art of caring too much”