Seasonal Sadness?

I’ve never been diagnosed with depression or seasonal depression, or anything really. But I do feel like I tend to get sad at certain points of the year, reoccurringly. And those points are winter months. The winter for me is the worst part of the year. It’s cold, wet, dark and just generally miserable. IContinue reading “Seasonal Sadness?”

Songs I Love No. 2

I couldn’t think of anything to write today, so here’s another fave song of mine. “Be Alright” by Dean Lewis. I only found this song recently when watching a “Sad Songs Compilation” during one of my dark moods, but I instantly fell in love with Lewis’s just pure Britishness. Too many Brits sound like Americans,Continue reading “Songs I Love No. 2”


I really don’t like using the word ‘depressed’, and I tense up inside when others use it to describe things that really aren’t depressing. “That cartoon where the chicken died was so DEPRESSING!” No. That cartoon was sad. There’s a difference. I also don’t like using it to describe myself. The definition of depression isContinue reading “Depression?”

The Boy Who Had No Choice

This actually isn’t a deep topic about my life troubles…this blog keeps going off track. However, I was browsing YouTube, and this video on Draco just popped up. I’m an avid HP fan, and this was just so heartbreaking. It really puts Malfoy into a whole new light…and I thought it would be interesting toContinue reading “The Boy Who Had No Choice”

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