Feeling Relatable

New video out on my channel now!

So, todays post will be another song I love to death and back again. As soon as this song came out I knew I had to make a post on it, because it’s so relatable to me.

The song is Billie Eilish’s new song, ‘Everything I Wanted.’ Now, the real message behind the song talks about Billie’s close relationship with her brother, Finneas. However, before I heard about that, the song resonated close to my own thoughts, and I felt close to her with this song, so I’m sticking with my first interpretation – which still is correct, I believe, it’s just more to do with her brother than anything else.

Basically, she sings about having a dream in which she has everything she could ever want. She sings about how for other people, it might be more like a nightmare – this is because her dream is “stepping off the golden” by which she likely means the Golden Gate Bridge, a popular suicide spot. The feeling of death being a dream to achieve is something that I feel a large amount of the time, although I don’t think I’d ever actually do it. It just seems like a nicer place to be than life, a lot of the time.

Apart from that deep, dark message, the flow and gentle rhythm of the song is very peaceful, and is just generally beautiful. Here’s the song if you would like to listen to it yourself! Maybe if you have a different interpretation, you can let me know?

The one and only Billie

As always.

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3 thoughts on “Feeling Relatable

  1. That was a good video! Here all plastic bags are almost banned. I believe the latest stores are banning plastic bags in 2020. Now we need less packaging!!
    But then again, cars are promoted here and public transport is decreasing day by day, so it’s always something going on. Time to put the climate on the political agenda!

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