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My Need to be Liked

This is one of my more worrying and frankly irritating traits.

I hate to be disliked. I cannot bear the thought of someone disliking me, and so I will do all I can to make them like me again – or I refrain from talking to them, in an attempt to not annoy them further.

However, this feeling does have levels to it. For instance, if someone I’m not that close to sends signals that they aren’t particularly fond of me, it will affect me, but not NEARLY as much as if it’s someone closer to me.

I get that most people want to be liked by the people close to them, but it feels different with me. It’s like this overwhelming urge to do anything at all to change their feelings towards me.

Maybe it stems from my innate loneliness, and my fear of being left all alone, with no one to talk to. Or maybe I’m just the clingy type. Whatever the reason, it’s bloody annoying.

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Published by Harry

The shy, anxious guy in the corner

8 thoughts on “My Need to be Liked

  1. I can worry about that! Did I say something wrong? Did I do something wrong? Maybe they think that or that about me. Oh no! It’s crazy.
    When I was younger I had a period where I asked people all the time if they were possibly mad at me. They said no. And 5 minutes later, I thought, what about now?
    Now I just think it, in my head, among other weird thoughts.

    I think with me it stems from the fear of abandonment. I don’t want to be left alone while I can’t prove them wrong, can’t prove them to stay.

    But in my experience, it becomes better. You’ll find people who you will be able to trust and they won’t make you uncomfortable because they’ll prove that you can’t do anything wrong. When there is a misunderstanding and it is your ‘fault’, you apologize and that’s it. It takes some practice and patience but it will sink in.

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