Identifying With Others

So I am always desperate to identify with other people about my personality and likes/dislikes. I guess most people become friends with people they identify with, but it just feels a lot a stronger with me, because if I don’t identify with anyone – which is a lot of the time – then it gets me down very quickly.

In this post, I’m actually going to talk specifically about movie/book characters that I try to identify with, and about my disappointment when I don’t.

The closest connection I’ve ever felt with a movie character is Brian (played by Anthony Michael Hall)in The Breakfast Club – by the way, second best movie of all time, don’t bother disagreeing with me. Never before had I felt so in tune with a character in the first half of watching a movie. Brian was nerdy, felt pressured to get good grades (although my pressure does not come from my parents), had felt suicidal, and didn’t really have many friends, as well as being decidedly uncool. I felt this sort of harmonious connection with Brian. Until I didn’t. The second half of the movie, a different Brian was shown, one who danced with no anxiety, one who talked endlessly, one who made friends.

I felt heartbroken. Of course, I was happy for Brian, but I had lost what had felt like a soulmate, and that crushed me.

It just made me realise how alone I really am in my life, and I’m not fishing for sympathy, that’s just the way it is.

Well, yet another ‘Strange Harry’ post that no one really understands! Hope you enjoyed anyway, what few of you there are.

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