Caleb LeBlanc

I only found out about this story recently, and it really saddened me.

So there’s this YouTube channel called ‘Bratayley’ and it consists of a family of 2 girls and their mum (I don’t know about the dad). This channel has been going for a LONG time. The first video was posted in early 2011 and still gets millions of views a month.

Anyway, back then there was a 4th member of the channel. Caleb. He was the oldest of the three, born in 2002 (coincidentally the same year as me – I know, I’m super young). As the channel evolved, he became loved by the community as someone who really cared about things, and was extremely kind and loving.

Fast forward to October 4th, 2015. The Bratayley channel uploaded a video called ‘Dear Future Self.’ In it, Caleb talked about what he’d say to his future self. He said that he’d ask if Taco Bell was still around (as a joke)and then, seriously, asked what the new sports and crazes would be. Then the last thing he said before the video ended was “See you tomorrow.” It sounds like such a simple, meaningless sentence, but in that moment I rested up because we never saw him again. On October 1st(the video was posted a few days after it was filmed) Caleb died suddenly, due to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a condition that can causes swift cardiac arrest. One day Caleb was living life happily, and the next he was dead. Just like that.

Life is a gift…and I try to tell myself that every day.

I’ll leave the link to the YouTube video here:

Also, I might start a kind of series on sad events. I know it’s a bit morbid, but these stories really fascinated me in a horrifying kind of way.

As always, love you all


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