Things Worth Living For

Last Saturday, I came close to ending my life. I was advised by a friend (the same friend described here)that I should write a list of all the things that makes my life worth living. If you are in a similar mindset, I would highly recommend this. It won’t work for everyone, but if I can help even one person to see that there are reasons to live, when everything seems useless, that’ll be enough. I am now in a good mindset, so you guys don’t need to worry!

Here’s my list:

– Isabella (this is the person who has helped me so much through the last few weeks – and Isabella isn’t her actual name, for privacy reasons)

– YouTube

– Video games (I’m still technically a child, so don’t say I’m childish 😏)

– Food

– University?

– Changing the world (eg human rights)

– Alcohol (No, I’m not addicted)

– The World Scholar’s Cup

– The Dead2Red

– A-Level Results Day

– The day I get an offer from the University I want to go to

– Music

– Future, possibly brilliant, music

– Finding someone to love with all my might

– Pizza (I know I already said food, but I need a new category for pizza)

– Nachos (Ditto)

– My blog, and all of my brilliant community (I love you all 💕)

I realise that some items on my list you won’t understand, but you can look them up if you’re interested, because they’d take too long to explain.

Also, this is a really personal post, so I hope I don’t regret posting it

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30 thoughts on “Things Worth Living For

  1. “Future, possibly brilliant, music”
    This is my speciality in life =)

    Well since this is personal, let me share sumn personal too. A few days ago, I was on the edge of a complete mental breakdown, repeating a mantra “I can’t go on; I’m exhausted!”.

    I felt like I couldn’t breathe and I just didn’t want to do anything but stay tucked in my bed.
    I was praying for help and…
    Right when I was on the very edge, it started raining (the first rain in months). Rain makes me incredibly happy.
    There’s always someone there to listen.

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  2. That’s an amazing list and an amazing friend! Ending your life wont solve anything… think positive… you fought against all odds to be here. Make it count. You’re awesome and amazing! And just keep fighting

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  3. that is an awesome list Harry … and although we only met recently I know you are a precious young man with a very kind heart!
    One of my favourite quotes ” while ever I breath I can make a difference” … once we stop breathing we are lost forever … please do whatever you need to stay with us Harry ❤

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