I’m A Weird Sort Of Shy

Ok, so you may or may not know that my blog ‘title’ includes the word shy.

Most people, if they’re shy, are shy in every aspect of their life. Not me.

I’m really weird.

I don’t get shy talking in front of crowds, or while I’m playing sports, or when talking to strangers. I can’t keep up a conversation because I never have anything to say, but I’m not exactly shy. Just a little awkward.

However, when talking to people I know I am more than shy. I’m a shell. I just can’t ever think of anything to say, and that makes me so unsure of myself that I just don’t bother talking. Aswell as that, when I do say something, it’s always at the wrong time, or if I’m trying to be funny, it’s always the wrong thing said. I don’t know if it’s something wrong with how my brain is wired, but I just don’t work when talking personally to people.

Basically I can’t do small talk. Anything important, I’m good. I guess that’s part of the reason I want to go into a political career. And the fact that I want to save the world. Not in a heroic kinda way, just that I’m tired of all the inequality in the world.

How did I get so off topic?

Anyway, I hope you liked reading about my shyness. Oh wait, I’m also not at all shy on the internet. But that’s because I have as much time as I need to write a good sentence. There’s no pressure.


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The shy, anxious guy in the corner

19 thoughts on “I’m A Weird Sort Of Shy

  1. You’re not that weird as you may think, a lot people don’t like small talk. I can do it very easily but it drains me. People say I’m ‘too intense’ and that I ‘think too much’. Like that would be a bad thing! So I can hide myself very well in small talk, people don’t bother me than about my real thoughts but I’m also unhappy because I need to live in my ‘shell’. Just with a few friends I can be open but it takes me a long long time to trust somebody to open up. So I’m really honest on my blog to experience if people will ‘accept’ my weird thoughts. I think you wrote about a very interesting topic that maybe many people struggle with.

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  2. You said that you don’t get shy talking in front of crowds or when talking to strangers. If that’s true it seems like any “problems” you think you have are an attempt to be perfect. Stick with your strengths and accept your weaknesses. Everyone has them.

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  3. I was a super shy kid .. due to some childhood stuff from a war damaged father. I would pick the other shy/quiet person at any gathering and make it my mission to get them talking. Found drawing others helped me to get over my shyness … and learning that it was ok to have a different opinion to others. We need to hear all sides 🙂

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    1. All the inequalities that I currently see. For example, I want to improve Queer rights, Women’s rights, Black rights, Other Minority rights, people below the poverty line, and also the environment. Among others.

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  4. I am envious that you can talk in front of crowds. Public speaking is an nightmare for me! Small talk is just as hard… I don’t know how to be one of those people who can say whatever comes to mind or bring up stuff in conversation out of the blue. I have a ton of thoughts but often am too hesitant to voice most of them.

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    1. At first I was the shakiest person ever talking in front of people, but then I kept getting forced to do it(debating competition) and it got better. But yeah in terms of small talk…I feel the exact same way

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      1. Good on you for getting better with repeated practice! That’s no easy thing to do. I am not brave enough to make myself do that… Last time I had to do a group presentation and only because I was afraid of my group looking bad if I didn’t speak, so I did do some speaking (I was insanely anxious though, and I am pretty sure I did poorly although no one commented on it). The one positive thought I clung to was the fact everyone had to get up there and I didn’t seem to be the only one out of my classmates who got very nervous.

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