Other People’s Sadness

This is a bit of a weird one…

So, a few days weeks ago, one of my classmates was having a shitty day stressing about A-Levels and University applications. Not abnormal. Year 13 is a stress fest.

Anyway, she was having a bit of a breakdown, and I suddenly started feeling the sadness she was feeling for myself

It’s not even in the usual sense where I feel sad FOR them. I mean obviously I do. But it’s like their sadness is transported to me.

Very strange. And then for the next few hours I’ll feel down.

I’m sure I’ve said before that I’m a weird person.😂

Published by Harry

The shy, anxious guy in the corner

19 thoughts on “Other People’s Sadness

  1. I remember a friend of mine at work used to tell me “you’re F***** Up because you keep telling yourself you’re F***** Up.” While he may not have been 100% right it certainly wasn’t helping by constantly thinking that way.

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  3. sensitive souls do that … it’s authentic empathy, a true gift. But sometimes if it gets too heavy you may need boundaries, meanwhile you are a precious kind friend that many will benefit from 🙂

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