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My ACTUAL First Post – Phone Calling

My life often hits me with weird encounters, and strange abnormalities within my own psyche. My fear of calling people on the phone is one of those. There’s just something about dialing the number of someone and hearing it beep agonizingly until the phone is picked up at the other end. And then I have to actually say WORDS, and the problem is dialed up with a few more knots in my stomach. I really, really, really, despise calling people. I just feel too intimidated to try. So, when I need my hair cut, I get a family member to call for me; if I need some help on a homework piece, I’ll text a classmate instead of calling(calling would be much easier for them to explain the problem); if my WiFi router suddenly stops working, I will do without YouTube until someone ELSE picks up the phone. I wonder if this is a solo problem, and no one will ever understand why I can’t do it, or if there’s anyone out there who feels the same way. Thoughts?

Published by Harry

The shy, anxious guy in the corner

7 thoughts on “My ACTUAL First Post – Phone Calling

  1. I don’t usually have an issue with it. I know people who do. Or did and outgrew it. I definitely text rather than speak and sometimes don’t do things because too hard to arrange. However one thing I often think through is face the fear and do it coz of the fear. And what’s the worst case scenario? Sometimes the worst happens, and you know what, it was okay.

    Love, light and glitter

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